I have a camera, I have a passionate heart. I have a dream, I have a journey to embark.


Big world, Small adventures, Tiny me.

Big world, Small adventures, Tiny me.

On a journey called Life, I’m just a traveller with a pair of keen eyes and insightful thoughts. That’s what Travelgraphy is about. It is not just a travel blog.

70+ cities, 18 countries, over the past 5 years. Guess I will have a busy time organizing photos and documenting travel experience on this openly private platform. ;)

Life is short, but the bucket-list is long. So, let’s get started.



不是因为时间太充实,恰恰相反。而是因为自己每天都在与时间冲刺,荒废了好久的方块字,感觉已经与自己渐行渐远,背道而驰。可骨子里对文字的热爱,从未消逝。想给自己一些时间,想给自己一个期限。 想找个空间,想储蓄人生所有美好经验。

Travelgraphy best photography blog

An amazing surprise, an honor.

Best Photography Blog, Singapore Blog Awards 2013 新加坡部落格大奖 (online news reportvideo interview on OMY.sg)


National Finalist

Best Travel Blog National Finalist – Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Award 2014

Dare to Travel Community Blogger

Dare to Travel – Community Blogger

Easiest way to reach me is via Facebook & Email:

Facebook: Travelgraphy
Email: contact.travelgraphy@gmail.com
Instagram:  Travelgraphy
Pinterest: MyTravelgraphy


18 thoughts

  1. Good to know about you. Your blog is very vibrant, its very nice see all your colourful experiences & journey. :)

    Thanks for the follow :)

    Looking forward for more in your blogosphere.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by Mutley’s Great Adventure and liking Insomnia. And I’m glad you learned something. My goal is to help others. Your pictures on this page are are beautiful I have peeked at some of your other posts, and will enjoy taking time to slowly look at all. Best to you in your travels/pictures and sharing them with us readers.


  3. Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and tell you what a great blog I think you have! Just read your Indian post and felt like crying with you! Would love it if you’d stop by my blog sometime! Keep blogging!


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