Strokkur and Geysir – the Boiling Caldrons that Erupt!

Let me show you something interesting. :D

Other than waterfalls, you could bump into a geyser pretty easily in Iceland, too! There are only 4 other countries where these amazing hydrogeological phenomena could be found (USA, Chile, New Zealand and Russia).

Geyser eruptions usually take place when spring water seeps through earth fissures that are above 200°C, which act as a powerhouse that rapidly steams the water off and ejects it upward. Unsurprisingly, geysers can only be found near active volcanic areas.


Make sure you keep your itchy hands away from the boiling water!




Here’s a perspective of how high the hot spring could shoot up, dwarfing the little human figures next to it!

Strokkur is one of the most famous Geysers in Iceland, located southwest along the Golden Circle route. It erupts as frequent as every few minutes and as high as 20 meters (sometimes could be up to 40 meters)!


Now, let’s take a closer look at this gigantic caldron :)




Looks like something is getting ready to puke erupt






Catch it in action! :D

COOL, ISN’T IT???!!?

Geysir (aka The Great Geysir)

Located just meters away from Strokkur, it is the very first known geyser in the world that started its first eruption in the 14th century and lived all the way through to the modern era! Long live The Great Geysir!


Geysir once became dormant in the 1900s, but an earthquake in June 2000 subsequently reheated this enormous caldron and it now erupts approximately every 10 hours or more.


Not sure if I looked cheekily guilty to you, but this photo was an opportunistic shot taken when I sneaked past the barricade and sat close to the Geysir edge, when most of the crowd wasn’t looking. Apparently it wasn’t allowed, for safety reasons.

Shhhh… :P


And here’s a little geyser for you, a real-size boiling caldron :)

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Any comments/questions? :)

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