Iceland Golden Circle – Thingvellir National Park

Iceland decided to lash out its merciless winter harsh as a welcoming gesture (or the lack of it) to her foreign visitors from the sunny tropical island.


The Thingvellir (locals spell it as Þingvellir) National Park was our first stop along the Golden Circle route – one of the most famous tourist routes in Southern Iceland, looping from Reykjavik (capital city) into central Iceland and back.


The history of Thingvellir is closely linked to the history of Iceland. It was where the Icelandic parliament was first founded around year 930 and where it continued to meet till 1798. The park was inscribed into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1994.



The low visibility in the heavy snow, coupled with the gradual fading of all my body warmth, I began to wonder if I was in a trance.


But the constant face-slapping by the snow kept me awake and grounded to reality… haha.


This looked exaggerated (oh well, maybe it was indeed a little exaggerated), but the wind was insanely strong!

www.Travelgraphy.com_0186Told ya, the wind was insanely strong. People actually fell while walking on the path. Madness.

Under such weather conditions, half an hour is probably all you need to walk around the main photo points and then quickly get back to the comfort of the car and start your engine before it gets frozen!

Travel Tips & Information

  • Address: Selfoss 801, Þingvallavegur, Iceland
  • Drive Time: Google Map will tell you it’s about 45 mins from Reykjavik. It took us a good 2-3 hours in the snow!
  • Entrance Fee: Free


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