Other Things to do in Rovaniemi – Snowmobile and Husky Rides

How many days do you need in Rovaniemi? Based on my personal experience, a 3-4 day stay should be more than sufficient for a small winter city as such.


Well, the sky actually looked really greyish and gloomy. So I photoshopped it.


My Rovaniemi itinerary in a nutshell:

  • Day 1 – late night arrival at the Rovaniemi airport (return flights from London to Rovaniemi (transit at Helsinki) costs about SGD600), check-in @ the Santa Claus Holiday Village (65 Euros per night, hotel pick-up included)
  • Day 2 – Spend the day at Santa Claus Village.  3-hour drive to Hotel Kakslauttanen by nightfall.
  • Day 3 – Snowmobile + Husky Safari. A night at a local youth hostel (they call it a hostel, but you actually get your own private room with bathroom @ SGD55).
  • Day 4 – Fly back to London early next morning. (I stayed over in London for 2 more days before flying out to Iceland for another 6 days)



Welcomed by the benign runners on the winterland.

One of them actually PEE-ED on me!!!  Yuck. Not so benign, after all eh? (Luckily the winter jumpsuit belonged to the tour organiser! HAHA)

Huskies above 18 months of age are being put to the field. They normally run behind one or two senior huskies who are familiar with the route, and then backed by another few seniors who would prevent them from running off from the main track.


One of the younger runners.

Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_9508A fierce-looking senior.

Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_9567A pack of 9 huskies like this could hold a sledge of 4-6 adults. Some herculean task yea?

Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_9538I was kiasu lucky enough to have sat on the front seat.

There was actually a downside to this – you realised your vision was blocked by the a**holes of the tiny hunky runners and your face would be constantly hit by splatters of snow!

Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_9480Riding a snowmobile is akin to riding an ATV at Boracay, except that this buddy here requires a lot more muscle work to get the grip right (not to mention those intensive muscle spasms when I nearly overturn the vehicle while trying to speed over a bump).

Expectedly, I was singled out by the guide for speeding. But he was lenient, no punishment  :P

I can’t recall how long the ride was, 10km sounds about right… In total, the snowmobile + 2km husky ride package took about 3 hours and cost 130 Euros per person. There is a dozen tour organisers in Rovaniemi and you’ll find one at any of the holiday resorts. There is also a great deal of different packages to choose from – reindeer rides, ice-fishing, outdoor sauna, you name it.

Just remember to book your package at least a day in advance and BE PUNCTUAL – Finnish folks are very particular about punctuality (actually, no reason why anyone should not be!).

Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_9473That was my chance of acting and looking like a total retard upon seeing a thick carpet of untouched, porcelain-clean snow.

And here I end my Finland adventure series with a lunatic looking snow angel :)

Read more about my Aurora Hunting journey in Finland/我的寻找极光之旅:

Arrival at the Santa Claus Village /  抵达芬兰圣诞村

Meeting Santa Claus in the Arctic/北极圈的圣诞老人

White Camouflage/白色伪装

Fun in the Snow / 雪中作乐 

Santa Claus Holiday Village / 圣诞老人假日度假村

A Night in the Lapland Glass Igloo / 拉普兰玻璃屋的一晚

Best of Finland on a Plate / 芬兰之味



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