Best of Finland on a Plate – Restaurant Nili (芬兰之味)

Chefs in Rovaniemi have composed a special “Rovaniemi Menu” to honor their lovely town. The Rovaniemi Menu is changed at least 4 times a year and is different in all participating restaurants. But the main ingredients are jointly defined by all the chefs and of course, sourced locally.

In 2012, Restaurant Nili was chosen as the best “Taste of Finland” restaurant. It was also voted the best restaurant in Rovaniemi on TripAdvisor.

With such a glamorous halo shining above its brand name, how could I give it a miss during my 3-day stay in Rovaniemi?



restaurant nili


restaurant nili

The not-so-big restaurant is filled with a magical Laplandic touch, including its utensils and cutleries!


I tasted their award-winning “Rovaniemi Menu” – a four course meal that started off with lobster mayo biscuits.


From the fishnet – coldsmoked whitefish from Inari with spruce shoot-cheese stuffing, porcini mushrooms and flavoured oil.


nili restaurant

Reindeer prepared in two ways – Grilled silverside and overnight stewed fore loin, matched with smoked potatoes and savoury sauce

一种驯鹿,两种做法。 一边是烤肉、一边是红烧肉,佐以薰土豆与咸味酱汁。


The exotic yet hearty meal ended with the Traditional Lappish Baked Cheese with Cloudberry Puree. Love the Brie.




Reindeer meat, fish, cheese and cloudberries, basically they sum up the key ingredients on the Lappish dining table. It’s worth mentioning that the Finnish folks are extremely proud of their cloudberries (above is a picture of how these cute little orange berries look, resembling a fluffy cloud?), one could find a plethora of local produce made from cloudberries – wine, jam, honey, canned fruits, candies, stuff toys…. etc. They ought to be proud, because these tasty orange clouds are only found in the Nordics :)



  • Price of my meal(价钱€) : 58 Euros + additional service charge
  • Address(地址): Valtakatu 20, 96200 Rovaniemi
  • Tel(电话): +358 400 369669
  • Website(网址):
  • Opening hours(营业时间): 12 noon – 23:00

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