Home Away From Home #5 – A Night in the Lapland Glass Igloo = $669.

The legendary Hotel Kakslauttanen.

The disproportionally expensive accommodation was regarded as a proportional investment to the fulfilment of a bucket-list item. Or so I thought. :)

The specially designed thermal glass structure shields its guest from the chilliness outside and keeps the indoor temperature at a comfortable 25 degree C. So don’t mix this up with the ice hotels – those are COLD.

Hotel Kakslauttanen

People asked me, “Is there privacy at all? Can passers-by peep through?”

Yes they can. So make sure you don’t walk around in your glass igloo naked ;)

igloo hotel

However, there is an attempt by the property owner to add a small curtain around the bottom circumference of the hemisphere to fence up your sleeping look from any random passer-by. But, if he/she is perverted enough to want to take a closer peek by walking right up to your window, there’s nothing to prevent your privacy from being stolen right away. Good thing is, there aren’t many “random passers-by” at such an expensive and remote location in the first place!

ice hotel

Picture this: you are watching nature’s own theatre unfold right above you as the most spectacular light show takes centre stage, sometimes appearing as flickering curtains, sometimes disguising as coloured puffs of rolling clouds. Best of all, you are comfortably tugged under the warm bedding with a cup of hot chocolate aside.

Tantalizing? That was my vision.

The realisation of my vision was no more than an Arctic fata morgana.

ice igloo

Lesson learnt: As alluring as my lady aurora, the only thing that I needed to bring along in order to pay her a visit was a bag-full of luck, even if NASA promised a winter of maximum solar activity. So, start accumulating good karma before chasing the notoriously unpredictable lady A!



  • Address: Kakslauttanen, 99830 Saariselkä, Finland (3-hour drive from the Santa Claus Village and Rovaniemi airport. Hence renting a car is a must when traveling in northern Finland)
  • Tel: +358 16 667100
  • Website: http://www.kakslauttanen.fi/
  • Price: varies hugely between peak and low seasons. March was considered a “relatively low season” and I paid almost SGD700 for my 6 hour stay
  • There is a good range of snow activities available at the resort for booking – dog sledging, snowmobile, ice-fishing, etc.
  • Salmon sandwich at the main hotel restaurant was really good – quite a far drive from the igloos though.

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