Home away from Home #4 – Santa Claus Holiday Village (圣诞老人假日度假村)


A Christmas-themed holiday resort in the heart of  the Arctic Santa Claus Village. How does that sound? :)

After a 3-hour flight from London to Rovaniemi, we were greeted and picked up by the friendly staff of Santa Claus Holiday Village (SCHV) at the airport (free airport transfer provided to all guests upon request). Due to our late-night arrival, we were transported straight to the log house (an isolated unit with 2 side-by-side apartments fronted by a common gate and separate doors and patios) and were told that the check-in procedure could be completed next morning. How thoughtful!



It was a relatively low-peak season (early March, 2014) and perhaps reason for a relatively discounted rate. (Note: accommodation in Europe is ALWAYS expensive)



I realised something unique about accommodation in Nordic countries – the concept of “King/Queen-sized bed” is not very well-acknowledged.

Single bed really means SINGLE bed (not even super-single), and Double bed means TWO SINGLE BEDS. So if you are a single traveller, you gotta join the 2 beds together and then imagine yourself sleeping on a queen-sized.

Aren’t Europeans much bigger in size than Asians…??? Weird.


A welcome pack awaits:  map to the resort facilities and the Santa Village + key to your own snow sled!


Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_8994 copy

Highlight of the accommodation: in-room SAUNA!!!!!

Simple to use, clean, and definitely unique! I think I spent a good one plus hour pampering my worn-out body with a hot sauna bath! :D

Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_8999度假屋最特别之处 -- 室内桑拿房!!!




Upon a colleague’s recommendation, I bought the Kala Kallen canned salmon from the Rovaniemi Airport. Was told that the Arctic salmons are the best and I’d be stupid not to try.

So, here’s my quick-fix dinner – Acrtic Salmon with Mee Goreng Instant Noodle.

Yes, there’s an in-room kitchen with basic cooking facilities and utensils made available. However, no seasoning and cooking oil provided.





Main reception building at night time. No aurora, sadly.



The look of our Christmasy log house during day time.



Right before I took some crazy photos in the snow... ;)



Final Verdict: Will I stay here again if I were back in Rovaniemi? Yes!



Travel Tips & Useful Information (小贴士):

  • Price per night: 129 Euros (Price range from 99 Euros – 200+ Euros depending on seasonal rates)
  • Address: Tähtikuja 2, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland (Link to Google Map)
  • Distance from Airport: ~ 2km (Airport pickup and transfer provided)
  • Tel: +358 40 1593811
  •  Website: http://www.santaclausholidayvillage.fi/
  • ** Special note: house cleaning is not provided everyday! Only before arrival and post check-out. So, if you’re staying more than 1 night, make sure you don’t t behave like a dirt king/queen ;)
  • 价钱:每晚129欧元 (淡季:每晚大约99欧元,旺季:每晚可高达200多欧元)
  • 地址:Tähtikuja 2, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland (地图)
  • 离机场距离:约2公里(免费提供接机与送机服务)
  • 电话:+358 40 1593811
  • 网址:Website: http://www.santaclausholidayvillage.fi/
  • *注意:房间的打扫服务除了住进度假村之前与之后是免费的,如果在住宿期间想要另外的打扫服务可是要收费的哦!


To be continued  未完待续。

Read more about my Aurora Hunting journey 更多的北极光之旅:

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