Aurora Hunting #1 – Arrival at the Santa Claus Village 追寻北极光#1 - 抵达芬兰圣诞村

OK I’M BACK TO BLOGGING AGAIN!   *throw confetti”

Picking up from where I last stopped, let’s travel back in time to March this year and reembark on my journey to the majestic lands of the Far North, in an attempt to search for the alluring Aurora…




Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_8963I dare say this must be one of the smallest commercial airports in Europe, with only one luggage belt and one gate!



Rovaniemi, the administrative capital and commercial centre of Lapland – Finland’s northernmost province, is nested 10km south of the Arctic Circle. It is more famously known as the hometown of Father Christmas.

Santa claus village

Choice of accommodation was the Santa Claus Holiday Village, a new holiday resort built in 2010 which sits in the heart of the Santa Claus Village.





After feeding the grumpy stomach, I throw my bodily fatigue aside and headed out to the amusement park area. Despite the after-midnight desolation, Christmas vibe has a tangible presence in every corner. Santa music jingling in the air, neon lights dancing quietly, and a snow carpet that rolled endlessly into afar…. it took me a while to register my enchanting surrounding.


 Till now, I’m still unable to decipher the reason for the greenish sky in this photo. Mere reflection of the earthy lights on the clouds above? Or… could it be a flickering wave of welcome by the mysterious Aurora?

我至今琢磨不透,照片中泛绿的天空到底是反光还是极光。。。 谁能告诉我?




Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_9080Santa’s Office, closed for the night. To  be back tomorrow :)


To be continued.



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