Colours of London 伦敦色彩

The next series of posts will be dedicated to my recent trip to Europe. It is one of those things that will end up as a top item on our list of “what we have done in the year”. Because of its duration, its distance, its exoticness, its offer of extraordinary experience, and of course, its damage to the pocket (ouch, let’s not talk about that first).  :)

My 13-day Europe route in a nutshell:  Singapore – London – Rovaniemi (Finland) – London – 6-day roadtrip in Southern Iceland – Singapore 

I shall begin with my first fleeting impressions of the capital of England.


这次的旅途行程:新加坡 - 伦敦 - 罗瓦捏米(芬兰) - 伦敦 - 冰岛6日自驾 - 返回新加坡



Contrary to my pre-trip imagination of London being all wet and gloomy, I was exceedingly pleased with the good weathers during the few short days of transit, thanks to my lack of any high expectation :)



The Burning Sky



The London Eye. Pretty much a twin sister of the Singapore Flyer… :P


Ever wondered why the clock tower was nicknamed “Big Ben”? According to Wikipedia, there are a few variations to its naming, one of the more widely accepted ones suggests that it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, a civil engineer who oversaw the construction of the Great Bell.



My brief meeting with London concluded with a good first impression and a bad jet lag… Was glad to have a tasty meal and a comfy bed before hitting the road again! :)

Next up: Best roasted duck in London!




Any comments/questions? :)

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