Outback Aussie #4 – Yellow Water Billabong 黄水谭水潭

At 430 am, I battled with the alarm clock for a sunrise cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong – it was all worth it.



Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park, occupying a colossal 20,000 square kilometers of land area! It is one of the only few World Heritage areas dually listed for both its natural and cultural values. It was at this amazing piece of land where we found Yellow Water Billabong, Kakadu’s most famous and largest wetland, located at the end of Jim Jim Creek, a tributary of the South Alligator River.

卡卡都是澳洲最大的国家公园,占地共20,000 平方公里,是世界少数的被同时列入世界自然遗产与世界文化遗产的景区之一。而黄水谭水潭,则是卡卡都内的最著名也是最大的水潭。


A colour-changing landscape surrounded by the morning mist – a treat to the eyes for nature-lovers!

Greedily, I took in the surroundings, worrying that a single attention slip might result in a regret of a lifetime.




The misty curtain was a mixture of morning fog and forest fire smoke. We were told that the Aboriginals set fire the night before to burn away some of the “bad land”. The people of the land believe that fire is not all destructive; burning away the old and bad is also a way of promoting regeneration and giving life to the new and young.


当地的原住民相信,火,不单单是毁灭的象征,它也代表了新生。所谓 “旧的不去,新的不来”,原住民时不时会以火烧毁森林的一小部分,来促进植物的新生。



At last, the sun broke its way through the thick fog, flaunting its radiance in fierce hues of orange and red.



It is no exaggeration that the Yellow Water Billabong is also known as “Yellow Mirror Billabong”, for its still surface effectively reflects all that’s above.




The already mystical scenery was heightened to yet another level when rays of sunlight pierced through the woods and danced with the shimmering smoke that hovered above the water surface.



Occasionally being greeted by sun-tanning crocodiles, by flocks of wild birds cutting across the sky, and by rare creatures which we have only seen on televisions, we relaxed our bodies, minds and souls at a place where civilisation felt like a million miles away.





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