Usagi Attack! 台风天兔来袭!


Literally Rabbit in Japanese, Usagi, was this year’s strongest tropical cyclone worldwide. Originating from east of Luzon, Philippines, on 15 Sept, this level 10 typhoon (as classified by the HK Observatory; the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre in US classified it as a Level 5 Super Typhoon) made its damaging way westwards hitting Hong Kong on 22 Sept, coinciding with my arrival. What are the chances!



My very first encounter with a typhoon. Couldn’t miss this rare opportunity to fulfill my photographic desire! But of course, I was still conscious enough to not travel further than the bottom of my hotel. The photos were taken at well-sheltered sites.



The rain wasn’t heavy, but the wind was.



But in general, residents of HK were pretty well-prepared for Usagi. Business was as usual at the major shopping malls and there were still cars and people walking on the street late at night!



After a night of howling wind, Usagi bid me goodbye the next day.



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