Outback Aussie – Beautiful Sunset @ Darwin (达尔文的夕阳怎么能那么美!?)

As part of the award package for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards (Travelgraphy was titled the Best Photography Blog), a 9D8N trip to the “outback” of Australia has been something which keyed me up over the past few weeks.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing the most memorable highlights of the trip, starting with the oh-so-romantic sunset at Mindil Beach, Darwin.




The best spot to witness a spectacular sunset in Darwin is no other than the Mindil Beach.

Next to the tranquility of calming waters, is the famous dry season market named Mindil Beach Market, which opens from April – October each year. Here, you could get a taste of Darwin’s gastronomic delicacies, crafty artworks, and local entertainment, which I will give a more detailed account in my next post. So stay tuned :)




Chasing the Golden Dream

Sunset starts at about 630pm here.

The splendid performance by Mother Nature waits for no one, I was tailing behind a group of excited kids who dashed towards the setting sun. Couldn’t afford to miss such a sensational sight, could we?

A press on the shutter, this precious animated moment was eternally captured, and I shall caption it as “Chasing the Golden Dream”.   :)




While I was busy capturing the mesmerizing sunset, a lovely couple came into sight. They were initially chilling and chatting by the beach and I was taking some candid shots behind. I then took up the courage to strike a conversation and ended myself up with two amazing and natural sunset models  :D

I later learnt the names of this spontaneous and fun-loving pair – Lynsey and Darren.



我们就这么闹哄哄地在沙滩上玩了起来。我在一旁构图与指挥动作,他们哈哈笑地尝试。时不时的笑场,时不时的 “再来一次!”,他们把我这个摄影师逗得很开心。


I enjoyed shooting these lovebirds thoroughly, for their words of love were generously expressed through every glance exchanged, every kiss shared, every teasing trick played and every smile given, exclusively to each other.


On a side note, the Australians are truly amiable. Of all the Australians I met and befriended over the course of years, all of them are exceedingly friendly, jovial and genuine. And this impression just got reinforced over and over again, during my trip to the Northern Territory.


Travelgraphy.wordpress.com_4806The setting “egg yolk”.

逐渐退去的美丽 “蛋黄”。


A photo I took for Ai (Best Family Blog winner), just as the sun disappeared into the horizon

Solace and tranquility were the precious gifts Nature bestowed us, in its ever selfless manner.

We have had numerous intimate moments with Mother Nature during this unique trip.  It was a trip back to the basics, back to innocence. 




To be continued.   未完待续。


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