Happy Belated 48th Birthday, Singapore!


This is such a belated post.

Here are some of the photos taken during the National Day Parade Rehearsal 4 weeks ago.




My first attempt capturing fireworks. Pretty bad, I would say.  Of all the 40 odd shutter counts used up in shooting these short-lived fire fairies in the sky, I have only managed to select 2 of them to be publicly displayed (with some post-processing, of course).  Oh well.  Hopefully the number will double by next year  :)

技術還是不到家啊。。。拍了40多張煙花的照片,翻來翻去,也就只有這麼兩張是可以“見光”的。凡是都有第一次,希望明年我相機里的煙花,會更加燦爛。 :)


Too ephemeral was their appearance, too brief was my wonderment.

What lingered, were the sparkle in the eyes and an eternality frozen by the gear in hand.


Despite her numerous flaws, Singapore is still a much-admired country, loved by many.  Happy birthday, my home, my little Red Dot.


Photography Tips:

Here’s an easy-to-read basic tutorial which I referred to, on photographing fireworks (link).


Any comments/questions? :)

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