Boracay Escapade – Prelude

Image Credit: Google Image

Image Credit: Google Image

Travelgraphy travels from Haarlem to Amsterdam, to Singapore, and then to Boracay. All in a single day. No joke.

I was supposed to be having a 2-week date with the majestic land of Europe until I was seduced by the world-acclaimed Best Island, Boracay, for a 5D4N rendezvous. What a flirtatious me. ;)

Great thanks to the Philippine Department of Tourism and Tiger Airways, I’m going to experience some real solid beach life very soon! Some of the trip highlights include cliff diving, Zorb, helmet diving… So, stay tuned!


萬分感謝菲律賓旅遊局與虎航,他們是這次旅程背後勞苦功高的贊助商與導遊。單單看著行程表就已經讓人亢奮不已了 — 悬崖跳水、頭盔潛水、太空球(Zorbing),騎馬,等等等等。。。



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