Where Dreams Come True – 梦想,在这里实现。

Searching down the memory lane… This was almost 3 years ago.

The very first destination where I first set foot on the amazing land of America, was Orlando, the place where dreams come true. A perfect epitome of my American dream – surreal, magical, alluringly unforgettable. And the cherry on top of the cake? This was also where I celebrated the passing of the first decade of the 21st century.




There aren’t many exciting rides in the Magic Kingdom, so I won’t recommend spending a full day there. Glad I went during nightfall for the Cinderella Castle was truly mesmerizing at night!

I was spellbound.

disney world travelgraphy

Sometimes, the distorted reflection of our reality can be more beautiful.




Image from Wikipedia

The most magical 12 minutes of my 2010 – “Holiday Wishes” fireworks at the Cinderella castle. One of the grandest and most enduring memories that America has given me. :)



The regular scheduled Disney Electrical Parade at the Main Street area is definitely a must-see. Wave to your favourite Disney fairytale characters and dance with the 7 Dwarfs!



Yes, Cinderella is my favourite Disney Princess :)


Merry Christmas and Goodbye 2010!


Daddies and babies alike, Disney will always have a special place in our hearts  (:



Good night, and have a magical dream :)

Travel Guide to the Disney World   (旅游小贴士)

Entrance Tickets : Get most value out of the parks by buying the multiple day passes. I got the 4-day pass at ~$70/day.

Accommodation :Disney’s Pop Century Resort – $112 USD/night

Transport :For all Disney Resort guests, complimentary shuttle bus services to the airport and all theme parks are provided. Otherwise, there is a useful website showing the estimated price of various modes of transportation (link). In Orlando (actually Florida, in general), public buses and taxis are not readily available at places other than the theme parks and airport, so try not to bet your luck on hopping into one easily.


住宿:我住在一件“经济型”的迪士尼酒店(Pop Century Resort)。没有很“迪士尼”,112美元一晚的价钱也算不上“经济”,服务也不怎么样。好处是交通便利,环境很安静。但如果是自驾的话,我不会推荐这里。



7 thoughts

  1. I really like that you write your posts in two languages, although it takes more time to write a post, but it is a challenge to think in parallel in two languages. Are you Malaysian too? I have only been once in United States, LA. Still has not the interest to travel there, but instead I hope to visit Cuba one day =)! I might like the nostalgic atmosphere there. Great photography! kc


    • Hello KC, thanks, you have been a very loyal reader of my tiny corner on the internet! It’s a very encouraging thing whenever reading your kind comments :) Nope, I’m not a Malaysian, im a Singaporean :) you should explore more of US, they have a lot to offer. And it’s been one of my favorite countries. I’ll be sharing more of my USA experience so hopefully you’ll find some inspiration of where to go next ;)


      • My activities for the last 9 years was in Europe, since I was living there. Even then, I did not go to many places (in terms of famous cities). I like to feel the cultures and people wherever I go.

        Wow, I think not many young Singaporeans have good command of Chinese language, so it is great to know you are excelled in both Chinese and English languages.

        By the way, I like photography too (not to much travelgraphy like you), but I just have two fixed lens camera, the sigma DP2 and recently the X100S. I like to take photos of people instead.



        • Hello KC! Sorry for the late reply! (Better late than never ;))
          Just got back from my first trip to Europe and then Boracay. I can now finally comprehend why Europe has been the favorite travel destination for many – there are just so much to see and so little time! no wonder people keep going back :D

          And thanks for the kind compliment! Guess my command of the Chinese language stems from the fact that I used to read and write a lot since young and have been a student journalist for 6+ years until entering into the corporate world. Due to the lack of time these days that my skills are getting rusty. And for the very same reason, I wanna continue writing.

          I’m not well versed with all the gears in the market..but I’m sure your cameras are doing you good for you have nice photos on your blog! :)


          • Nice to hear from you! Europe is a place consist of many countries, and many cultures, and many ways of doing things, do not be surprise sometime the European would be mistaken to quote their opinion as ‘We European….” but there are differences in different countries. Often the very first time we go to some new places, we tend to think that we pick up a lot of things, but if we spend long enough than I am sure you will be able to capture the mood of each place you have travelled =).

            Talking about photography, recently I just have written a post for one blogger about photography http://sweetjellybean.com/2013/07/26/my-world-through-the-lens/

            Have you published your latest Europe travel? I will take a look =).



            • just read the link and I must say… woah!! those are really impressive & expressive portraits! :) and of course, very interesting text!
              keep on writing, shooting and inspiring others! :D


              • Thank you for your wonderful comment, and encouragement. I am adding more and more portraits of my family and friends. I do hope I can bring little inspiration and happiness to people =).



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