Home Away From Home #2 – Shangri-La, Tokyo (シャングリラ東京)

I’m not afraid to set your expectations high. I will begin by saying this is the BEST hotel I’ve stayed in so far, and I think majority of the world will agree with me, for Shangri-la Tokyo is ranked the No.1 Luxury Hotel in the World (TripAdvisor’s 2012 Travel’s Choice Award).

东京香格里拉,我至今的最爱。被 TripAdvisor 评为2012年度世界第一的豪华酒店,它当之无愧。(刚刚查了一下 TripAdvisor 的中文网址,我笑了。到了中国,它变成了“到到网” - http://www.daodao.com)


Gorgeous Czech-made chandeliers seen everywhere.



travelgraphy rose

Lustrous roses arranged by Danish florist Nicolai Bergmann
酒店内处处可见丹麦名花卉师Nicolai Bergmann的精致杰作

Other than the chandeliers, another thing I observed about the hotel decor was the stunning flower arrangements all over the hotel premise. Went online to read more about its interior design, and Wikepedia told me that “Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo is the first hotel in the world to feature (world’s most celebrated florist) Nicolai Bergmann’s works in all areas of the hotel.” Wow.

Should I have known it earlier, I would have taken a lot more pictures of the flowers! Digging through my pill of photos, managed to find one with Bergmann’s work, taken outside the hotel restaurant. Dazzlingly exquisite, isn’t it?




Here’s my favourite corner in the room – my heart melted at the sight of the Marunouchi sky-view.



Romantic sunrise by the window

Travelgraphy sunrise tokyo

Travelgraphy sunrise tokyo

Travelgraphy sunrise tokyo

Travelgraphy sunrise tokyo



Rise and shine! Time for breakfast! :D



The hotel lobby and all its restaurants are situated on the 16th floor, pleasing views are guaranteed, even at the breakfast area. Although the breakfast corner is rather small with limited food selection, I was beyond satisfied.





Never a muffin person, but out of curiosity (thanks to the limited food selection) I tried one of their muffins. Holy, I was hooked!



Another one of my daily breakfast items during the stay – Crab Chawanmushi. It tastes very different from the ones I had before – smoother, lighter, yet more fragrant.

又一个心头爱 - 蟹肉茶碗羹。本以为茶碗羹的味道“就是那样嘛”,我真的是大错特错了!原来,好吃的茶碗羹要更香、更爽滑、更清淡!


Dinner time – let’s call for room service. I was amused by the number of spoons that came together…

Curry rice + Melon Pudding. Just as all other room services I’ve ever ordered – disappointing.

客房餐饮 - 咖喱饭加蜜瓜布丁。



Another night of room serviced dinner. Crab Congee + Cranberry Mousse. Slightly better than the previous one.



Yes, what you see is correct, a TV by the bathroom sink!



Gigantic shower head on the ceiling

Remember what I said earlier about my way of differentiating the “better” hotels from the “good” ones (see previous post)? This hotel is a sterling example of what it means to be “perfect in every detail” (excluding the room service meals haha). Panasonic ionity hair dryer + clothes steamer + fragrant bath salt + a very beautiful and oriental looking ladies pouch containing:

– L’Occitane makeup removal cloth
– L’Occitane lip balm
– L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (travel size)
– Shiseido facial cleansing set (travel size)
– A pair of leg-slimming stockings!

Did I tell you there were also traditional Japanese pajamas in the drawer? Oh boy, I was terribly pampered! :)

On the day of my departure, two amiable door girls walked me all the way to the train platform and bid me goodbye (with a 90 degrees bow) only after I was comfortably settled on my seat!

With truckloads of beautiful memories and a bright spirit, I left my urban “Shangri-La”.


东京香格里拉酒店将“完美”体现得淋漓尽致(当然,客房餐饮除外。呵呵)。不单单是这里对细节的重视,更令我感到窝心的是,当我离开酒店前往东京站乘搭机场快铁时,酒店竟然有专人免费帮旅客提行李, 并一路陪同步行到车站内!我就是这样受宠若惊地被2位美丽友善的客服人员一路送上车。她们把我安顿好,下车,鞠躬,直到地铁开走。



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  1. Wow, seems like a very nice hotel. I am always kind of embarrassed to be serve by people, so normally I prefer to go for self service backpacker hostel. But I prefer to go to luxurious hotel with my family. kc


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