Home Away From Home – #1 Sofitel, Macau (澳门索菲特)

I lost count of the number of oversea accommodations I’ve been to. So I decided to make an effort in documenting them into a common category which I now name “Home Away From Home”. Hope it serves a little use for those who are looking for travel recommendations.

每次出国,酒店成了第二个家,好坏参差不齐。决定把所住之处归类于”Home Away From Home” (家外之家)这个分类处,供大家做参考。


Sofitel, a luxury-tier member of the French hotel group, Accor, and sibling with other more familiar names such as Novotel and Ibis. My very first stay at a Sofitel hotel (Sofitel Macau) was a pleasant one, I must say.




A romantic corner created using fresh roses and orchids. How did I know they were real flowers? I touched them of course :D




Lift lobby on the 13th floor.


I’m a picky traveller when it comes to accommodation. Comfy bed is a must, for quality of sleep has a great deal of influence over the quality of my travel experience next day. I could easily save on food, shopping and transport, but I tend not to compromise on accommodation, especially after spending $4.2k on chiropractic adjustments to alleviate the agonizing pain on my back and shoulders. Sigh. =\

I’ve had 3 nights of sound and deep sleep at Macau Sofitel, thanks to the cosy bed and noise-proof walls.




I have a way of distinguishing a “better” hotel from the many “good” ones – by looking at its shower set and hairdryer. The range of products in the shower set, the quality of the hairdryer and sometimes, the presence (or absence) of an ironing board and iron… Tiny details as such do make a difference to me.

我有一套区分“好”与“更好”的住所的方法 -- 走进浴室看看梳妆台上的洗浴产品与吹风机就知道了。洗浴用品齐不齐全,质量好不好;吹风机是什么品牌,伤不伤头皮;烫斗好不好用,功能多不多。很多时候,就是这类小细节才给旅客留下深刻的印象。


I was fortunate to be accompanied by a sea-view like this. My 4 days in Macau each started on a cherry note.


sofitel night view

Admiring the Macau nightlife from afar.

This photo was selected by the Macau Government Tourism Office, with the potential of being featured in their 2014 desk calendar! If you enjoyed looking at my photos, take a look at my 4 other selected photos and choose your favourite. $500 worth of Macau souvenirs could be yours! :)



Check out my humongous eyes.



16 Ponte Casino, the casino in Sofitel hotel.


Side topic: no special effect has been added to this photo. The mysterious vibe was caused by the layer of fog formed on my camera lens after moving outdoor from an air-conditioned venue.



An offbeat yet harmonious mix of traditional architecture and modern buzz, right across the Sofitel Hotel.


This photo is also part of my top 5 chosen by the Macau Government Tourism Board. Take a look at the rest if you haven’t. And yes, win goodies! :)



12 thoughts

  1. I am going to Hong Kong this July, and might be going Macau on the way.

    Anyway, I saw one of the photo which was selected by the Macau Government Tourism Office. May I know how did you take this photo?


        • Hello! :) That particular picture was taken from the hotel room (13th floor). I switched all the lights off to prevent reflections, and took it with a “semi-tripod mode”.
          Although I had my tripod set up, it wasn’t very stable due to the obstructing furniture nearby. So the camera was half resting on the tripod, half supported by my arms. That’s why if you look closely, the photo isn’t perfectly sharp :P


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  3. Hi
    May i know what system and lens did you use to take the ‘offbeat’ architecture photo? And what settings did you use? It’s gorgeous.!



    • Hello Jas! Thanks for the compliment and sorry for the late reply, current traveling on the road :)
      I’m using a Nikon D600, the lens I used to shoot that photo is a 14-24mm wide angle lens. It’s taken along the roadside with a tripod. Low ISO and shutter speed gives that kind of “vehicle trail” effect. Hope that helps! ;)


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