Bucket-list Item, Checked – Bungy Jump!

I have conquered the world’s highest bungy jump at 233m and I am officially entitled to ask the world,

“Do you have what it takes?”




The indoor view deck on the 58th floor proves to be a good spot for those who wish to capture a 360 view of the Macau Peninsular Island, as well as those who wish to glee at the freaked out faces of the falling bungy jumpers.



This can be a socially problematic statement to make :P


My fellow brave blogger friends who did the bungy with me! :)




Awesome view? It will become an awful view when you gotta jump down from there!


Buckled up! All ready to go!


DSC_53362 copy

Actually… wasn’t ready at all!


DSC_53752 copy

On the count of five, a leap of faith…


DSC_53772 copy

No turning back! Mission accomplished :D


Do something which reminds yourself that you are still living, that life is amazing, that today is better than yesterday.


Last but not least, I have to credit MGTO, Tiger Airways and OMY for the opportunity to check off a bucket-list item!


12 thoughts

    • 嗨嗨!:)
      托澳门旅游局的福,我们每人只需付半价(还是很贵啦)。。而且照片与摄影不被包括在内喔。还需多加大约130新币(这个没半价)虽然很贵,不过回忆无价! :)


  1. That would be of great fun ! bungee is on my list which yet to be fulfilled.
    One more thing your theme forces to visit your blog over again and again…Perfect theme for your experiences


    • Yea it was a really awesome experience, hope your dream will be fulfilled soon! :) I’m looking to do skydiving and paragliding sometime soon, if opportunity comes!

      Hehe thanks! I like this full frame theme too :)


    • Hello Andrea, thanks for leaving a note and the follow :) I’m excited for you too, I’m sure the experience will be a great one!! Have fun and look forward to your sharing on your blog later on! A very well written blog you have there :D


  2. You are so amazing!! just discovered out your blog! dont u scare having the bungee jump? i always wanted to have one chance of this but I miss the chance! follow you! :D


    • Hello Vivian, thanks for the kind compliment and the follow! :)
      Yea, I was very scared initially! But since I’ve already made myself up there… Didn’t quite have a choice! Haha! But the experience jumping down was definitely a memory of a lifetime! You outta try it one day! ;)

      Liked by 1 person

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