Paul oh Paul

My acquaintance with Paul was an intellectual one – we bumped into each other outside the Kinokuniya Bookstore. :)

我与 Paul 在在纪伊国屋有段很文艺的邂逅。


There was so much excitement when this French Bakery/Cafe landed on the sunny island of Singapore. I didn’t think much of it until a brunch session with a good friend took place there.

直到一位好朋友邀请我去Paul Bakery 吃早午餐,我对这个常常大排人龙的法式面包店一点兴趣也没有。


Pain au Chocolat. It’s a must-try!



Crepe Complete. Another winner!

I don’t normally finish my food (not intentionally!) but this time, I managed to! Love the perfect match between juicy ham and melted cheese, rich in flavour yet light in portion.



Beef with cheesy toast (forgot the exact name on the menu) ordered by my friend. Not bad as well, though I’m not a fan of onion.


Paul has now officially become one of my favourite brunch places. The dishes tried so far were all beyond expectation! But… the service and ambiance were disappointing. Go for the food and expect no more, and you will walk out as a contented customer. ;)

这里的食物绝对会让我想要再次光顾,但遗憾的是店内的服务水平差强人意,用餐环境也不算舒适。如果不抱着太苛刻的心情去享受美食,这里还是值得推荐的! :)


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