Tokyo on Foot (Part 1) – 漫步东京

I had a few places in mind which I planned to visit over the short weekend, such as the Tsukiji Fish Market, the Imperial Palace, Rippongi Hills, etc… But as unpredictable as life is, I ended up wandering around the neighbourhood which I stayed in. Unambitious, I would say. Yet, the spontaneity under the refreshing spring could bring a fair share of joy, too.


暖暖的4月阳光,熙熙攘攘的原宿街道,满街的粉红色与大招牌。本应该令人觉得喘不过来气,可令人赞叹的是,行人们很自觉地左侧通行,把窄窄的街路很有秩序地分成两半, 不会有人挤人的现象。

Harajuku Shops

A plethora of attention-grabbing shops and youngsters along the streets of Harajuku

I was expecting a street-ful of flamboyant girls dressed up in Lolita style, but only spotted a handful in the end (no photos to show). Nevertheless, there were countless fashionistas roaming on the street.




Shopping mall after shopping mall, you won’t miss out any international name!

Burberry Black Label

Burberry Black Label

How could I miss out visiting the legendary Black and Blue Labels in Tokyo?

The Black Label is dedicated for gentlemen while the Blue Label caters to its female fans. Judging from the size of the 2 stores, one could easily identify which gender is the primary target of the brand. :)  The Burberry Blue Label is exclusive to Japan, with a more pocket-friendly selection of clothing and accessories. But still, a classic trench coat costs no less than a whopping SGD 700! I had one of my travel checklist items checked by trying on one of their classic designs, but that was it, not a single penny spent. One doesn’t have to complete a degree in Marketing to know how consumerism works ;)

Burberry Blue Label - exclusive to Japan

Burberry Blue Label – exclusive to Japan





What I love the most about Japan is its unbeatable standard of customer service! If customers are Kings elsewhere, they would be Gods in Japan! It’s not just the attitude and friendliness that set them apart, but the sheer amount of Trust they have in their customers. One obvious distinction between the shop attendants in Singapore and Tokyo is that the former watches you like a shoplifter, with occasional black face and an intimidating attitude as though you have just offended them; while the latter would not only greet you with a warm smile but also know how to take a step back and provide the freedom and space for you to explore around. It’s the comfort and easiness that make the shopping experience entirely different. In this aspect, I think Singapore still has a long way to go.





A quaint shrine right next to the buzzing streets of Harajuku. What a hidden gem!









A surprise in a surprise – witnessed a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony! I was later told that this particular shrine is one of the most popular ones in Tokyo where many wedding ceremonies are held, due to its heavenly quaintness and tranquility.






Before my arrival, I was imagining a scene where the city stays afloat on a cloud of mesmerizing pink and white. To my disappointment, this year’s cheery blossom arrived earlier than usual. Coupled with a few spring rains, my dream was washed away together with the much admired flowers. Perhaps my wish was heard, I found a sakura tree at the backyard of the shrine! Three cheers to the third surprise of the day! :D


Stay tune for Tokyo on Foot Part 2:  Night scenes around Marunouchi and Ginza areas



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