Cloud Atlas (云图)

It was an entirely different view after the morning sun broke its way through the cloud curtains. One look, and you will never be able to remove that sheer magnificence tattooed onto your mind.


DSC_1058_2 copy

Smoking Semeru火山烟袅袅的塞梅鲁火山

Smoking Semeru

Standing tall at 3,676m, Mr Semeru is the tallest mountain in Java. It is not entirely rare to witness a puff let out by this giant, after all, it is still an active volcano. Surrounding Semeru, are its 12 fellow siblings; together, they are called the Tengger Volcano Complex. To date, more than 50 eruptions have occurred since 1818. While some travellers put it on their bucket-list, I’d kindly remind everyone not to hike Mt Semeru without wearing a thick scarf to prevent direct inhalation of the toxic ashes.

On top of the world 云端之上

On top of the world

爬上观赏台的最高处,那景色令我想起了我很喜欢的几句诗歌 “High Flight” 的译文:

作者:约翰.麦吉 (John Gillespie Magee, Jr) (译者不详)

心地泰然 宁静地伸出手去


 Spotted a small village located right next to the ocean of “Bromo Clouds”. Given a chance, I would love to pay East Java another visit and admire the sunrise in this village, while soaking myself in the morning clouds. :)


 I was told that this “eternal flower” is a miracle plant that will never wilt or fade in colour. So I gullibly bought one in purple (at 20,000 Rp) and carefully wrapped it in a plastic bag and checked in with my luggage (with the constant worry that the airport police may detain me for carrying a “suspicious item”). After so much trouble, the “eternal flower” wilted… and faded…of course. And it was forever gone after being disposed off 1 day after it crossed thousands of kilometers and a short stint in my room.

Fried Banana炸香蕉

Fried Banana

 This plate of unpresentable yellow mesh tastes much better than it looks! The freshly-fried banana along one of the roadside cafes near the Bromo view deck was as heavenly as Mt Bromo!



It is almost impossible to walk from the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park’s entrance to the viewing deck which I went to (although I met an awesome gentleman from France who accomplished just that!). Hence, I took a jeep ride for the round trip (one way was about 45 mins)

A ride on Bromo Jeep Club!布罗莫吉普车之旅

A ride on Bromo Jeep Club!

 My Bromo Adventure Itinerary: 

1am: Departed from hotel in Surabaya

430am: Arrived at entrance of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park by car (~1.2 Million Rp both ways. Alternatively, most of the hotels in Surabaya offer day-trip tour packages for guests. Eg. JW Marriots offered me a rate of 600,000 Rp per person, but minimum 2 pax)

*Having plenty of warm clothes to fight the pre-dawn cold temperatures up on the mountains is critical! The temperature could drop below 10 degree celsius before 630am when the sunrise begins. 

530am: Made way to the top viewing desk by jeep. (~350,000 Rp both ways)

630am: Best sunrise that I’ve seen in my life!


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